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You'll have to wait until you get your school assignment and then ask the coordinator at your school, they're the only ones who can answer that question for you because that decision is at the school's discretion. 

Also keep in mind if you're placed in Madrid the program doesn't end until June 30 (not sure which region you're heading to but Madrid runs longer than the other regions).
Better check the consulate websites, several of them (DC is one) require you to show state ID proving which state you live in and won't let you apply through them if you aren't under their jurisdiction.  If you're planning to use a consulate other than the one you're legally resident under make sure you have a state ID card for a state within that consulate's jurisdiction.  I had to move in with a friend for a month back in DC and have him put me on his cable bill in order to get an ID I could use at the DC consulate, without the ID the consulate flat out refused to take my application. 
I had this question a few weeks ago, so I ended up calling the Miami consulate to ask. They said that once you send everything in you are in the system online, so it doesn't matter where you apply for the visa.

Health & Fitness / Madrid Basketball
« Last post by Madrid Basketball on April 09, 2014, 12:41:26 PM »
Hi there!

A few years back, I posted information on where to play basketball in Madrid. That information may be a little outdated, so if you want to shoot some hoops in Madrid, meet friends and have fun days/nights out, then there is only one place to be -


See you soon!

Does anyone know if you're able to apply for your visa through a different consulate than the one you mailed your hard copy documents to? I have plans to live in Massachusetts over the summer, but my documents were sent to the Miami consulate since I currently reside in Florida. Applying for my visa somewhere a little closer to Mass. would be a lot more convenient.

Any help is appreciated!
Finding work in Spain / Start your own school
« Last post by rgblack on April 05, 2014, 08:18:25 PM »
Check out "Start your own English Language School in Spain" in any of the Amazon sites. It really is a lot easier than you may think if you keep your horizons in view.
In print version and in Kindle eBook.
You don't need to have any specific qualification but you need to want to teach English and obviously both experience and training are advisable.
The Spanish government has introduced some new measures to help start-ups and property prices are at an all-time low.
Don't get too adventurous on the type of property and the licence requirements are just a short description of what you plan to do, a sketch of the location, pay the licence fee and put in a fire extinguisher, a few emergency lights and liquid soap in the toilet.
You might want to recruit the help of a Gestor with the documentation but make sure you get the right one. If he/she tells you it's more complicated, you've picked the wrong property for your school or you've picked the wrong Gestor.
In any case take a "look inside" at the book mentioned above.
Just for some more data points I just got the admitida email today. I'm inscrita #746 and sent in all the documents to the New York office in early March. Also, Madrid is my first choice.

Good luck to everyone else waiting to hear from the New York office!
Hey everyone. I am renewing the program and I will be changing regions from Aragon to Andalucia. I received my initial placement for Andalucia, not my city yet, on March 18. Any prediction from past experience with either renewing or Andalucia of when I might receive my contract in the mail? I am getting worried because my NIE expires May 31 and I do not want to go back to the US during the summer. I want to travel in Spain, the rest of Europe and the UK, and Morocco. Any experience with this? I basically was told I can't reapply for my NIE here in Huesca, I will have to go to Andalucia and I need my new document stating my acceptance, which I have no idea when I will receive. Am I going to run into trouble leaving and entering and travelling? I have an American passport of course. But with an expired NIE?? Thanks for any info!!!

I have applied to be an auxiliar for the 2014-2015 school year, and I am very excited about the possibility; however, I was just offered and accepted a position in the U.S. that will require me to be stateside around May 25.  The program runs until May 31, and I was wondering whether anyone had success in the past in making arrangement with the program to leave a few days early or whether this possibility was out of the question.  Any advice?

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