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I'm sorry you didn't get your first choice...I was in Cantabria last year and it was amazing! There's so much to see in Cantabria alone as well as being next to Asturias and Pais Vasco  (Bilbao! San Sebastian) and France (Saint-jean-de-luz!). AND the two Javiers that run the program in Cantabria are so nice and helpful.

Asturias and Cantabria have similar history, are lush and coastal, beautiful, and they both have sidra. The Cantabrian history and culture is so cool! Cantabrians are fighters! During the Cantabrian Wars, Asturias, Galica, and Cantabria fought against Rome. They refused to have Rome dominate them! Cantabrians chose to die by suicide than become prisoners. They would sing hymns while being crucified! After the wars Rome even adopted the famous symbol of Cantabria and used their fighting tactics in their own army.

Cantabrians have unique traditions for every season. In the Fall, there's magosta where there's a big bonfire with witches and chestnuts and in the Spring there's marzas, where the men wear black berets and red scarves and sing. Cantabria has the best fresh sardines! Also, the airport is better in Santander and there's an airport in Bilbao as well.

You're going to love it! 
Hi jonescb2,

Sorry to hear that you didn't get placed where you wanted to, but congrats on getting placed! If you're wondering why you didn't get placed in Asturias with such a low number, I think it's because a lot of renewals request it (I'm assuming you're a new applicant like me) and they have priority over us regardless of their inscrita numbers.

Although the official word on switching placements is that it can't be done (they're pretty adamant about it on the website), I've heard of it being done in the past, so there is some hope. I would try to contact people through the facebook groups though, since I feel like second years don't follow this forum as much.

I've heard nothing but good things about Cantabria though, both about the place itself and how the program is run there.
I was inscrita #138 and got my placement today for Madrid! I'm a first year applicant as well, so exciting!! :D
Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I just received my placement for La Rioja (my first choice!) with inscrita #49. Any other first year applicants hear back yet? Would love to know where everyone else is going.
So, I've hit a bit of a crisis: I'm inscrita #18 and just received my adjudicada email today. My first choice for regions was Asturias. I though I would get it for sure, since they normally take around 27 auxiliares, and with me being #18 I thought it would be a done deal.....I got placed in my second choice, Cantabria.

I know this is a huge long shot, but if there was somebody who got place in Asturias and didn't want to be there, is there any possibility at all that it could be worked out with the comunidades to let 2 auxiliares switch??

I'm quite heartbroken at the moment, so I'm sorry if this seems like a ridiculous question.
You'll have to wait until you get your school assignment and then ask the coordinator at your school, they're the only ones who can answer that question for you because that decision is at the school's discretion. 

Also keep in mind if you're placed in Madrid the program doesn't end until June 30 (not sure which region you're heading to but Madrid runs longer than the other regions).
Better check the consulate websites, several of them (DC is one) require you to show state ID proving which state you live in and won't let you apply through them if you aren't under their jurisdiction.  If you're planning to use a consulate other than the one you're legally resident under make sure you have a state ID card for a state within that consulate's jurisdiction.  I had to move in with a friend for a month back in DC and have him put me on his cable bill in order to get an ID I could use at the DC consulate, without the ID the consulate flat out refused to take my application. 
I had this question a few weeks ago, so I ended up calling the Miami consulate to ask. They said that once you send everything in you are in the system online, so it doesn't matter where you apply for the visa.

Health & Fitness / Madrid Basketball
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Hi there!

A few years back, I posted information on where to play basketball in Madrid. That information may be a little outdated, so if you want to shoot some hoops in Madrid, meet friends and have fun days/nights out, then there is only one place to be -


See you soon!

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