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I understand it may be a tad early, but I am eager on buying a plane ticket to Madrid.  I am confident in receiving a placement for the 2015/2016 year and would like to purchase a plane ticket while prices remain low. I know this is somewhat of gamble but it is a course of action I would like to pursue. If my placement falls through I would still plan on flying to Madrid to do some traveling. If the placement works out I would travel from Madrid to the city in which I am placed. Does anyone have any insight on program starting dates or what dates are required for the auxiliares to arrive? Any info and advice would be highly appreciated!!!

Don't be too worried! Just as a point of reference, last year a first year applicant with Inscrita #3746 received placement on May 27 in Islas Balearas. ¡Buena suerte!
Sorry i don't have any advice but, I have just applied to auxiliares and my inscrita number is 3759!! I have also been reading blogs and forums and I am still hopeful. I also put Madrid as no#1 hahaha, maybe that is too hopeful but perhaps we will be placed late, after people have dropped out?  Good luck & Fingers crossed!
North American Language and Culture Assistant Program / High Inscrita Number 2015
« Last post by RicoAndrade on February 26, 2015, 10:10:44 PM »
Hey Everyone,

I recently applied to the Auxilares de Conversacion program 2015-2016. I hadn't done much research in regards to how many people apply or get accepted, but now that I have my inscrita number, just about 3500 I'm getting a little worried.

I've looked around online but most blog posts talking about inscrita numbers were done back in 2011-2013. I was wondering if the program has become more limited now. Should I be worried about not getting placed? Also, are the chances of me getting Madrid super low now? I'm getting nervous.

Thanks for reading guys, I appreciate any advice.
Unfortunately, Cataluña does not participate in the program nor do they "technically" honor requests to be in a particular city. The exception being if you want to be placed together with a partner you are applying with.
However, after I was accepted last year, the regional coordinator of CyL asked if I had city preference and gave me one of the three I requested.
From what I've gathered, most people apply after graduation. I haven't read about anyone who has gone before they finish their degree, but I don't know if it's just what people typically do or if you have to have a degree to be accepted. Hopefully someone else has a more concrete answer for you!
I currently a sophomore in community college. I will be a junior by the end of this Spring semester. Can I still apply to be apart of the program? I know it says junior or senior or graduate but does that mean a junior at the time of applying or by the time the program starts? Thank you!
Hola a todos,

I have been in Madrid for two years doing the ministerio program.  My NIE needs to be renewed at the end of March and now I am working with BEDA.  Has anyone had any experience renewing their NIE in Madrid switching programs.  I would really like to avoid getting a new visa...if that is even possible since I am already here in Madrid.

Thanks for any advice!
The Expatriate Cafe /
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Okay, thank you for your help!
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