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Hi, I was also placed in Castilla la-Mancha, #391 and this morning I received an email stating that due to unforseen circumstances, they haven't been able to send out the cartas but they plan to do so as soon as possible. Still not much information but know that you're not alone. There is a group on facebook for auxiliares in Castilla la-Mancha. There are about 19 of us and no one, besides a British girl, has received their cartas :(

You should join the group
Starting Your Own Business / Велосипеды для всех
« Last post by ZaikinDokiPek on July 29, 2015, 07:12:47 PM »
Check this link you`re asked me about.
Have a good day!
Hi Everyone,

This thread has helped me answer so many questions for my upcoming appointment with the consulate on August 17th. Thank you!

I have a question for anyone that's gone to the Los Angeles consulate recently: if you used the notarized letter from your parents as evidence of funds, were you required to provide a bank statement? If so, how many and did it have a minimum balance?

The website doesn't mention anything but when I e-mailed they said to bring 3 statements. But I've also talked to someone from that went last month and they said they didn't need to bring any statement. I'm confused and would greatly appreciate any answer!

Thank you all!  :)
North American Language and Culture Assistant Program / Carta de Nombramiento
« Last post by Maninskovij on July 26, 2015, 08:25:37 AM »
Has anyone received their carta yet? I was placed in Castilla La Mancha (inscrito 1520) and still haven't gotten mine. I've emailed them, emailed my education officer in the U.S., he even copied a different email to the one I sent. A week has gone by since he's done that and I'm getting worried now. What should I do?
for established academy in S. Antonio, Ibiza.
September 2015 onwards.
Excellent conditions for the right candidate.

Native English speaker
University level education
TEFL or CELTA course
2/3 years’ experience – preferably of group classes, children and adults, Cambridge examinations
Basic knowledge of Spanish
Available to start in September 2015
Minimum commitment till mid-June 2016

Please send C.V. to Joseph Cooper -
or call - 0034 686389597

I will be in Madrid to hold interviews on from Tuesday 7th until Thursday 9th July
Please send us an e-mail with an up to date CV, including a recent picture and references.
e-mail: /

Hi All,
My name is Darcy and I am a new member and first time poster. I know that you all have probably read these types of posts hundreds of times but I am in need of some advice or assistance or anything really. I am from a tiny twin Caribbean island known as Trinidad and Tobago. I am a recent university graduate (BSc. Psychology) and I also have an intermediate Spanish level. I have been helping Spanish speakers with English online and in person for almost 5 years and i feel in my heart that i have truly found my calling. For me the ideal experience would be for me to work in Spain but I am starting to feel like there are no avenues for someone like me. I know my chances would be better if i had a TEFL or CELTA certificate but the cost of doing it in my country is almost twice or three times the average price. I considered doing it online but i really don't want to miss out on the practical aspect of the course. I see that there are some jobs which would hire persons without the certificate but i realize the chances of getting those are next to none. My country was recently granted visa-free travel to Europe but even with that I would still need to do the impossible, which is obtaining a work permit. I feel like I am out of options but I don't want to give up on something that I really want to do. Has anyone ever been in this position? What would be the best step? I am willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish this.

So sorry for the long post :/

Thanks in Advance guys! ^_^
North American Language and Culture Assistant Program / Re: Placements!
« Last post by SoSpainSoExcited on June 18, 2015, 03:08:43 PM »
I was placed in Aragón on May 6th and I accepted right away!But, I still haven't received my carta de nombramiento. :-[ Is there anyone else placed in Aragón that has their official assignment yet?

Does anyone know how to get a master's in counseling (marriage and family therapy) degree/ (or license) accredited in Spain?
I will also hope to be a licensed therapist by the time I leave and was also wondering if I will be allowed to practice there to make some
extra income. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hello there!

I am interested in applying for this coming year.
I have a bit of anxiety but am working through it and making some progress.
I mainly have anxiety working with large groups of people (hence the topic question) and was
wondering if any people with anxiety have done this program and what it was like for them.
Now i know that everyone's experience will be different but just wanted to gain some more information.
My biggest worry is living alone (or with others) and teaching a big group of people/speaking in front of a big group.
I am a therapist and work mainly one on one with my students so that has always been pretty easy for me. I'm sure
that if I do any private classes, those will be a breeze.
Any info will be greatly appreciated.
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