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Er Xin High School is currently looking for full-time teachers for the fall semester.

• Location: Keelung – Er Xin High School
• Starting time: September   
• Hours: 8AM to 5PM, 20 hours per week for the fall semester along with some office hours
• Pay: Monthly salary of USD$2,000
• Curriculum is provided for
• Round-trip plane tickets will be provided for
• Housing: Accommodations will be provided for (close to the campus)

1. A minimum Bachelor?s degree
2. A licensed certificate in teaching English preferable
3. At least 2 years of residential experience in English-speaking countries
4. Minimum 2 years of English-teaching experience
I know it's many many years later, but I've been placed in Andalucia in 2014-2015 - any way I could get this write-up from you to prepare?
North American Language and Culture Assistant Program / Jaen, Andalucia?
« Last post by kittycat524 on Yesterday at 06:57:35 AM »
Anyone placed in Andalucia? I got placed in the province of looks very rural and small, I hope other English-speakers will be around!
My number is 4268 and I got a placement (although it was after they filled all the spots and someone backed out) - did you ever get a placement?
Health & Fitness / Diagnosing and treating psoriasis
« Last post by hezinn on July 22, 2014, 12:16:50 PM »
When a disease starts troubling you with symptoms like reddish patches, scaling of the skin and pustule formation in some cases and most of the medicines have just given you temporary relief then it is best that you do some research and find a treatment line as there is psoriasis cure in Ayurveda. This is conditional as the degree of the disease must be first evaluated and since there are different types of psoriasis and this progressive disease has various stages the certainty of complete cure can only be done on personal evaluation by the doctor. According to Ayurveda, psoriasis is a medical condition that occurs as a result of a combination of factors like overreaction of the immune system, blood impurities and even hereditary factors too play a role. This is a disease condition that has symptoms which varies from one person to another. It is difficult to suggest a general remedy for all as one mode of therapy work for one whereas it will be ineffective in another. Since this is mainly a skin disorder the patients must take care to not let the skin go dry that is it is essential to retain the skin’s moisture content by external oil massages and strict diet control. Ayurveda aims at using the panchakarma treatment for this disease and this is a treatment procedure that purifies the body, mind and soul and has been proven to reverse the aging process. Natural psoriasis treatment requires strict dietary restriction accompanied with systematic life style practices.
I have been waiting since May 12th to know my placement in Castilla-La Mancha. I e-mailed last week because my visa appointment was this week and they told me today that my placement is in Molina de Aragón,  a small town of ~3,600. I really wanted a city, so I could travel easily. Is there any way to get on the waiting list for another placement or another region? My 1st choice region was Andalucía, and my 2nd choice Castilla-La Mancha. My number was 1752. Is there any hope or should i just e-mail and decline my assignment?

I have no experience in Galicia specifically, but I have heard it is a little more rainy, but also greener than the rest of Spain.  I think that you should go for it and enjoy every second of the opportunity.

Do not worry about the language because  even though much of the population speaks Galician, they will also speak Spanish and you will pick it up when you travel.  As for the ages of the other consejerias, I would not worry if I were you because there will always be locals, college students and others you will meet; it also sounds like you will have many weekends off to travel and you will make friends as you travel.
Hi everyone!  I'm new to this forum and was wondering if anyone else has been placed or has ever been placed in Águilas, Murcia.  It seems as though it's a smaller town than I was hoping for and I would love some advice about the area!


I was placed at a small primary school in Vigo, Galicia through the Programa de Auxiliares.  Anyone else in Vigo or anywhere close??

If not, has anyone been there and have advice about the area?

Placement into the regions is entirely based on your inscrita number; therefore, the lower your number is, the quicker you hear back about your placement into a region. Unfortunately your qualifications don't mean anything.

School placement (in the carta de nombramiento) is a whole other ball game that nobody should wrap their head around, particularly for Madrid. It's supposed to work that renewals get cartas first and then first years come after that, but this year it appears they're just giving them out at Spain pace and to whomever they please (again, for Madrid).
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