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Hi All,
My name is Darcy and I am a new member and first time poster. I know that you all have probably read these types of posts hundreds of times but I am in need of some advice or assistance or anything really. I am from a tiny twin Caribbean island known as Trinidad and Tobago. I am a recent university graduate (BSc. Psychology) and I also have an intermediate Spanish level. I have been helping Spanish speakers with English online and in person for almost 5 years and i feel in my heart that i have truly found my calling. For me the ideal experience would be for me to work in Spain but I am starting to feel like there are no avenues for someone like me. I know my chances would be better if i had a TEFL or CELTA certificate but the cost of doing it in my country is almost twice or three times the average price. I considered doing it online but i really don't want to miss out on the practical aspect of the course. I see that there are some jobs which would hire persons without the certificate but i realize the chances of getting those are next to none. My country was recently granted visa-free travel to Europe but even with that I would still need to do the impossible, which is obtaining a work permit. I feel like I am out of options but I don't want to give up on something that I really want to do. Has anyone ever been in this position? What would be the best step? I am willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish this.

So sorry for the long post :/

Thanks in Advance guys! ^_^
North American Language and Culture Assistant Program / Re: Placements!
« Last post by SoSpainSoExcited on June 18, 2015, 03:08:43 PM »
I was placed in Aragón on May 6th and I accepted right away!But, I still haven't received my carta de nombramiento. :-[ Is there anyone else placed in Aragón that has their official assignment yet?

Does anyone know how to get a master's in counseling (marriage and family therapy) degree/ (or license) accredited in Spain?
I will also hope to be a licensed therapist by the time I leave and was also wondering if I will be allowed to practice there to make some
extra income. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hello there!

I am interested in applying for this coming year.
I have a bit of anxiety but am working through it and making some progress.
I mainly have anxiety working with large groups of people (hence the topic question) and was
wondering if any people with anxiety have done this program and what it was like for them.
Now i know that everyone's experience will be different but just wanted to gain some more information.
My biggest worry is living alone (or with others) and teaching a big group of people/speaking in front of a big group.
I am a therapist and work mainly one on one with my students so that has always been pretty easy for me. I'm sure
that if I do any private classes, those will be a breeze.
Any info will be greatly appreciated.

I suggest for everyone to join the Facebook group, this forum is pretty dead but that group is full of valuable information.
Hi there,

I'm just wondering what days off we get during the year. 

Hi there, someone told me there is a google doc with a spreadsheet that gives info on where they are with placements.  Anyone know where that is?

I'm inscrita #4229 - wondering how it's looking for me.
Curious about this too!
North American Language and Culture Assistant Program / Re: Placements!
« Last post by SueinChicago on June 07, 2015, 06:12:39 AM »
The website says they're on #3668.  I'm #4229.
North American Language and Culture Assistant Program / Re: Placements!
« Last post by Mario Penate on June 04, 2015, 07:50:28 PM »
Hello Everyone... I had a high inscrita (2371) and heard in the middle of May. I got the regional placement that I wanted. I just heard what city I would be in and it is a VERY small town. Do you guys know if we can change the city? I know we can't change regional placement...

Hey Isalu,
I just received my city too. I don't think we are allowed to change the city, just like the centro, unfortunately. Im also in a smaller city, ill be in Merida, located in Extremadura. Where will you be?
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