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From what I've read, if they find anything lacking when they're processing your application, they'll send you an email and unlock your application so you can update it. The email should come between the registrada and admitida stages. This won't affect your inscrita number, so don't worry! I wouldn't mess around with editing the application now because I'm not sure if that can mess up your number. So I would say the best thing to do would be to wait for the email and edit it then, and if you don't want to wait, content your regional adviser.

Again, don't worry--from what I've gathered from this and other forums, if they see that something is missing in your application, they'll contact you and let you edit it and it won't affect your inscrita at all. They won't just pass over your application. You'll be okay. :)
Should I modify my application? Will this affect my inscrito number? I'm already number 1912.
Hey y'all!

Is it a faux-pas to request a specific city (Barcelona) in my letter of interest?

Hey all,

I just started my PROFEX application and noticed that on pages 5 and 6 of the instructions, "castellano" is the selected language:

I'm guessing I should select "Ingles" since that's my native language and what I'd be teaching, but the example says otherwise. Is there a reason I should select "castellano" that I'm totally missing, or do you think it's just an oversight in the example? Thanks!
Hey, I had same error on firefox/chrome but it worked on internet explorer fine!
North American Language and Culture Assistant Program / Re: Freaking ouuuut!
« Last post by brit_estes on January 08, 2015, 09:42:36 PM »
Thanks Caitlin! You're always so helpful!
North American Language and Culture Assistant Program / Re: Freaking ouuuut!
« Last post by Caitlkan on January 08, 2015, 08:58:22 AM »
Hi Brit,

Documentos Annexos is fine: it says so in the Profex Manual that this is where you put documents you "forgot" to add :P.

No worries!

North American Language and Culture Assistant Program / Freaking ouuuut!
« Last post by brit_estes on January 08, 2015, 01:30:58 AM »
Hey guys,

So I registered yesterday and followed much of the advice that was out there regarding getting a low inscrita number. I got 391, which was great buuuut the advice that I was told was to register first and then go back and upload all of your documents. The problem is that I can no longer modify my application and I still need to upload 2 more documents! I read that you can go back and upload them in documentos annexos but does anyone know if this is correct? Hope I didn't ruin my chances.


Hey, Brittany,

So if you want to edit your CV, go to the profex website:

And you *should* be able to get through the 2015 link now that the application is open.

If not, click the Mantenimiento del CV button instead, and fill out your CV, etc there. Just follow the profex application instructions from then on, it's the same.

Good Luck!

Whenever I log in lately, I get this message:

"Mensajes producidos por la última operación:
• El parámetro idSesion es obligatorio
• Error recuperando la sesión de la aplicación de trámites y servicios."

Is this happening to anyone else? I've talked to one friend of mine that is running into the same issue. I'm starting to worry a little with the application opening up so soon! Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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