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The important message I received from this forum helped me with many basic knowledge.
I would like to know the source of this information that you present.
Where is it? How can I travel?
Expatriates in Spain / Interested in being on an indie travel show?
« Last post by Tracy L Shields on May 29, 2018, 05:08:34 PM »
Hey Guys, I thought I'd drop by and reach out to the Expatriate Cafe family with a fun new project I'm working on.

American Uproot is a new American Expat travel series that films the lives of US Expats living all over the world. The pilot episode is--of course--being filmed in Madrid. So...If you're originally from the USA, and currently living in Madrid, please contact me ASAP. Before doing so though, please follow the link below or click my website in my profile. Filming is from July 8-18th.

And just a funny FYI, I was the original creator of The Expatriate Cafe. When I went to see if the URL was available it wasn't. How fabulous that this site is still being maintained and taken well care of. To the admin...GREAT JOB!

The learning materials within this website have helped me tremendously and have helped to increase my knowledge.
Teacher Lesson Resources and Ideas / Re: TOEFL Prep
« Last post by Danielaz on May 21, 2018, 09:39:32 AM »
The knowledge I have added from these forums is very beneficial.
Experience - Education - Certification - Teacher Training / TEFL Acreditation
« Last post by Susana on May 19, 2018, 06:23:52 PM »
One of the TEFL courses was upward of $1,600 - is there any way to acquire this qualification cheaper?
I want to know if I need more knowledge, can I find a place to help me?
The most important media about this site is mostly about what.
Could this knowledge guide me further?
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