Author Topic: Long-Stay VISA initial 3-months expired before could get TIE  (Read 540 times)

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Long-Stay VISA initial 3-months expired before could get TIE
« on: December 27, 2017, 01:52:32 AM »
Hi all, first post on here, forgive me if I'm breaking any site rules or doing something incorrect,

I'm an American student in the middle of a year-long study abroad in Spain. My situation is the following

I applied for and received and a long-stay VISA to last the full duration of my stay in Madrid, until May 31st. However, what they put on my passport wasn't that, but rather a type D visa valid from 8/15 until 11/27. They told me at the consulate that I had to apply for a TIE within 30 days of getting into the country. I did set up a couple of appointments, one in October and one a couple weeks ago in December. I couldn't make it ot the first one because of issues getting empadronado, which I was told was necesary for the TIE on the sede website. I did end up getting empadronado in late November (I was not very on top of this and its coming back to bite me), in time for an appointment Dec. 15 to get my TIE, but I missed the appointment. My visa is now expired. I had plans to travel back home for the break, and I was able to make it through customs without any issues on the way out. However, getting back in I'm not certain I'll be ok.

I will be traveling back on the 10th of january, and after that I will be staying within the EU (and depending on what I find out, within the schengen as well) until I go back home for good. I've already made another appointment for the TIE in february. I guess my questions are: what will my immigration status be when i'm flying back? will I have the schengen tourist visa? was i in the country illegally when I left? if so, what are the chances of getting busted on the way in? What are the potential consequences if I do get flagged at customs?

I'm also a clean cut white male with no history at all of immigration problems, if that makes a difference in terms of getting inspected closely