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Self-employment Visa requirements
« on: February 05, 2004, 04:01:13 PM »
Hola Everyone,

I submited an inquiry to a consulting firm for a nominal fee (32 euros) and received definitive information about obtaining a self-employment visa.  It is a lot of information, but I think it is important information and so I am pasting it into this post, below:

.-The proceedings have been simplified. Now you have to come to
Spain personally and perform all the procedures during your stay as
a tourist, being in a regular condition in Spain or in possession of
the three months visa because you’re the grandson of a Spaniard. At
present it is required that the legitimated person be in a regular
form in Spain to apply for a work permit.
.- You will have to submit all the documents.
.-Wait to be granted the visa.
.-Collect it yourself at the Spanish Consulate of your country, in
your city of residence.

AT PRESENT THE \"WORK PERMIT\", IS CONSIDERED AS AN AUTHORIZATION TO WORK. (This was not the case before the reform).
With this visa you come to Spain and you are already able to work legally.

When you come to Spain, you have to go to a Police Station or Foreign Office to collect the Foreigners Identification Card, which proves that you are a legal resident in Spain.

I will now explain to you all the steps to follow to apply for a work permit on your own behalf.

For this kind of permit, three main requisites need to be complied with:

- It is necessary to actually possess economical resources. (You have them).

- An extremely well elaborated company project is required. The project has to include clarification of the company's activities, its goals, its accounting, etc.

- You will be requested to create Spanish employment openings

- And the past December 20th, a new foreign law came into force which
establishes another requisite: THAT THE PERSON BE ON A REGULAR

Let's begin:

To apply for a residence visa and a work and residence permit on your
own behalf, you will be requested to submit a \"set up\" project or to
state the activity you plan to develop, including planned activity,
its profitability and number of employment opening you will be
creating (because depending on the type of business or firm you are
planning to set up, you will need to hire people of Spanish

The Spanish Government does not establish a minimum, but, in practice,
you have to prove that you really possess the necessary economical

In some cities it is enough to invest around 24000 euros, while in
others like Madrid and Barcelona, approximately 60000 euros are
required. Barcelona, is one of the Spanish cities where more
economical means are required and if the applicants to the work permit
are several, more capital will be required. The more money you invest in this project, the more possibilities there will be of obtaining a favourable resolution.

You would then have to open a bank account, as a non-resident, and
make a deposit with the investment you are planning to make on our

The next step is to APPLY FOR RESIDENCE AND WORK PERMIT ON YOUR OWN BEHALF, you will have apply for this at the Government Office or subsidiary
of the city/town in which you are going to live.

The documents you will have to submit in this case are the
following:(these are the main documents you will be requested to

.- Fill in a form or imprint requested by the Government. You may
obtain it at the Government Offices or subsidiaries of your province
of residence. Or on Internet:, under the heading
\"extranjeros\", click on \"solicitudes\" and then on the files containing
the model forms imprints: EX-01 and EX-04

.-A copy of your passport

.- A Residence Visa.

.- A valid medical certificate proving that the applicant is not
affected by any infecto-contagious disease

-. Criminal or police records from your country of origin.


. . -Company project. Explanation of the functions and objectives of
your company, as well as its profitability and the investment you are
planning to make.

-That the applicant possesses the professional qualifications to be

. -As well as proof of application for authorizations or licenses for
the set up, opening and proper functioning of the planned activity.

. -Documents proving that you have sufficient economical resources to
support the project.

I should warn you that you are granted the permit only after eight
months, during which period you are not allowed to work.

Of the previously mentioned documents, the criminal or police records
and the valid medical certificate must be submitted at the moment in
which you apply for the residence visa or when you are granted the

You will then have to wait eight months for the permit to be granted,
during which period you are not allowed to work.

Since the new foreign law was published, the past December 22nd,
2003, once you submit all the documents in Spain, the Spanish Consulate
of your country will inform you about the granting of the visa.
Once the visa has been granted, you will have a month to collect it at
the Spanish Consulate of your country and COME TO SPAIN.

The NEV is no longer necessary, and it is no longer necessary to
submit all the documents at the corresponding Spanish Consulate.
(Those steps have been eliminated).
Once you are granted the visa you may come to Spain and you will be
able to work legally.

Hope this helps....  :)

Salud! :beer:

Michelle :D  
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Self-employment Visa requirements
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2005, 09:41:05 AM »
Hi, Sorry, little confused. I'm in the process of planning to come to Spain to live and work teaching English. I'd really love some help on the process and the visas/documents required. I've joined this forum and appreciate your comments and help.
Do I come to Spain personally to start the paper work, submit the documents, but the have to return to my home country - Australia - to collect the visa from the Spanish Consulate?
Will this visa allow me to work as a freelance English Teacher?
Is it best that I study a TEFOL course in Spain? or complete it in Australia?



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Self-employment Visa requirements
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2005, 02:57:47 AM »
Hi Julia,

Well those are all excellent questions.  The answers vary really.  As far as the visa process goes, the first place to start would be the Spanish Consulate General's office nearest you.  

You will have to submit paperwork in person in Spain and then return to your home counrty while you await approval.  The Consulate General's office will be able to tell you better about the immigration laws as they pertain to Australians.  

As far as gettting certified at home versus abroad....well this is the subjective part.  My opinion, go for the course abroad.  There are many benefits to this.  Such as, already being in-country to get acclimated to your new environment etc., the networking of other TEFL or TESOL grads that can help you with tidbits and leads, etc., as well as you can get an early jump on the job search while you're completing your certification course.

The way I see it, you're going to be dropping a wad of cash either way, why not do it abroad.  

So there's my two cents for ya.  Hope that helps.

Salud! :beer:
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Save the siesta!
"Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace." - Amelia Earhart

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Re: Self-employment Visa requirements
« Reply #3 on: March 28, 2008, 06:54:23 PM »
The infomation posted is for opening a company in Spain, ie hiring Spanish employers.
The informations does NOT apply for those wanting to become Autonoma.