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Dear Language and Cultural Assistants -

Welcome to the Expatriate Cafe! A child board for the Language and Cultural Assistants program was created on the Expatriate Cafe several years ago due to the specific nature of the questions that were often asked. We did this to facilitate the search of information specifically for the participants in this program

Please keep in mind, however, that some information is more general in nature (not specific to the the NALCA program) and would be of use/interest to the general population of our site.

To that end, we want to take the opportunity to remind you of the posting rules to the board for the North American Language and Cultural Assistants Program.

1) Posts cannot be edited. This function was disabled due to abuse of the site in past. Therefore, read your post two or three times before hitting the "publish" button.

2) If it sounds rude, it is. Remember that everyone has a different level of tolerance and anxiety. Please maintain good forum etiquette resorting to a more neutral or formal post if necessary to avoid misunderstandings and pettiness. Although you may post something that you think is cute or funny, it doesn't always come across that way. Use the emoticons and other tools available to communicate your intentions.

3) Not everything needs to be posted in the childboard. There are other forum threads. So, if your question is health-related, for example, you should post it in the general Expatriate Living forum. If you don't see a forum/board that suits your need, by all means please communicate it to the administration of the site...or post a message here.

4) To the extent possible, avoid using the forums as a chat. Yes, there is a delay before you can repost. This strategy was enacted to avoid the spam bot posts. As you will notice, there are virtually no spam posts on our site.

5) Links to other forums, social media networking sites, etc are not permitted and will be promptly deleted. This strategy is used to avoid the manipulative marketing that so often appears in online forums, ours included. When we detected this behavior we quickly set up a strategy to thwart those efforts. While it may seem moderately uncomfortable for our users, we have a reason for doing so.

6) Applaud you colleagues frequently and smite them only when absolutely necessary. Just because you don't agree with an opinion doesn't mean you have to smite them. The high road is to encourage good information sharing by applauding it when seen and ignoring the bad stuff.

7) The Expatriate Cafe is a site that is run 100% altruistically. There is no financial motivation behind this. This is an ad-free site. We have recently negotiated with Google Ads simply to cover the monthly cost of the server where the site is hosted.

8) We are open to any and all suggestions. We trust that our users are mature and judicious in their participation so we do have a hands-off approach to moderation. However, we will take necessary steps to ban users and delete posts that we deem inappropriate.

Thank you for trusting in the Expatriate Cafe and being such an important part of our community.

Happy posting!