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« on: April 24, 2012, 10:23:05 PM »
Can't find the answer to your question? Look through some old threads before beginning a new one! :)

Feel free to add more questions/better answers. I don't pretend to know everything! :)

Q: How do I apply? Why is profex so confusing?
A: Here is the main website for the program

Here is a checklist of all the things you'll have to do. 

Follow this pdf which has screen shots of profex. Follow it step by step and you'll be fine.

Profex is so confusing because of reasons. We really don't know why.

Q: What can I do to improve my chances of being accepted?
A: Apply on profex (online) early! When you finish your online application you get an "inscrita" number. Placements are given out in order by inscrita number. You can turn in all of your hard copies any time before the deadline, but the earlier your online application is in the better your chances are.

How do I go from being inscrita to registrada to admitida?
Inscrita means your online application has been completed, registrada means your printed out and signed pdf has been received, and admitida means all your documents have been received and you are awaiting placement. Note that this does not necessarily mean you will get a placement, but if your number is low enough or you wait long enough, you most likely will. The most common reason for people being stuck at the registrada phase is that letters of recommendation haven’t been received or weren’t written on letter head. If it is at all possible, upload your letter of recommendation to the website rather than sending it in.

Q: When will we hear about placements? (2012)
A: Renewal placements are currently being given out (4/23/12) as well as placements in Australia. The April News Letter (see the main program page at the top of this thread for newsletters) said that new applicant placements will be given out in May. Don't worry if your inscrita number is lower than the number of current placements. All applicants (from all countries, renewals and new applications) are all mixed together. Patience is key when dealing with paperwork. This is good practice for Spanish bureaucracy in Spain!

How much are we paid? How much money should I bring with me?
A: All regions except for Madrid are paid 700€ a month. In Madrid, assistants receive 1000€ a month. There have been reports of several regions having problems paying their assistants on time/before January. You should anticipate needing 2-3 months expenses including a deposit on an apartment, cell phone set up costs, etc. It has been suggested by many assistants to bring 2000€ at a minimum if you can.

Q: Where is the program guidebook?

Q: How much Spanish do I *really* need to speak to do this program?
A: People have done the program with very limited Spanish. That being said, the more you are able to understand and be understood, the easier time you will have settling in, renting an apartment, making friends, etc.

Q: I want to go to Spain before the program starts. Can I?
A: Be careful about this. You need to be in the states to receive your visa, and need to have your school placement before you can apply for the visa. This may happen as late as August in some cases. Know that if you go abroad during the summer you may have to plan for a trip back to the states.


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Re: F.A.Q.s
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Excellent post. This needs to be stickied.


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Re: F.A.Q.s
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Yeah dude! Well done. We should just keep commenting on this to make sure it stays near the top.


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Re: F.A.Q.s
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This is so good! How does something get stickied? Thanks for taking the time to do this; I think (if people take the time to look at this), it will answer soooo many questions!


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Re: F.A.Q.s
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Yes, thanks for this... it would also be great to see a sticky with some forum guidelines (e.g. an instructional for searching the forum before posting a new thread, how to send private messages or start a new thread when you see that you're digressing into off-topic conversations, reminder that what you post is ineditable and therefore carved into the virtual "stone," etc.) which many of us who have used forums before already know, while others are very new to "forum etiquette."

I know the moderation on here is a mainly hands-off approach, which is good in some ways... for the most part this is a faily civilized and respectful board (especially compared to some of the other forums I have seen out there), but with anxieties rising there has been a lot of reacting and blowing off of steam on here.  I'm not saying that "n00bs" are at fault because a lot of people come here looking for answers and simply are unaware of what they should do first, or how to approach or use the forum, and there aren't really any rules of the game for them to start with.  En fin, be thoughtful about what you are going to post, how you say it and how others might perceive it!


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Re: F.A.Q.s
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hope this is helpful for the neurotics like me:

Q: What chances do I have to be placed in my preferred region?
 While there isn't a sure fire way to tell this you can make an educated guess by consulting the statistics from last years program.
Skip to page 5-6 for numbers of auxiliaries placed in each comunidad. As you will see Madrid has the highest number of placements so if it is your first choice your chances are fairly good even with a higher inscrita number. Aragon has the fewest placements, so unless your inscrita number is quite low your chances for placement in that particular communidad are significantly lower. Of course it all depends on how many people have chosen that region who have lower inscrita numbers than you, so there is no way to tell for sure.


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Re: F.A.Q.s
« Reply #6 on: December 15, 2014, 04:35:46 PM »
So I can't create my CV...  :-[ Is this because I have to wait until the application opens? I'm getting this message:

"Mensajes producidos por la Áºltima operación:
• El parÁ¡metro idSesion es obligatorio
• Error recuperando la sesión de la aplicación de trÁ¡mites y servicios."

I don't quite understand... Help