Author Topic: American with German Residency Card Living in Spain  (Read 2980 times)

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American with German Residency Card Living in Spain
« on: December 28, 2009, 10:47:09 PM »
Hello, I'd like to get some advice from those out there who are dealing with, or have dealth with, immigration issues.  First off, we have hired an attorney to help us navigate the residency process properly, but we're not getting much help from the Spanish authorities on the visa.

So our other option, is to use our German Residence card - whic we currently have and can renew each year.  This give us the right to travel freely in Schengen area, so we can come to and from Spain with no problems (apparently).  However, we want to live in Madrid - and not Germany - so we are basically using the German residency card to keep us "legally" in Spain.  Although we're still limited to the 3 month / 6 month window where we can stay in Spain, with the Schengen area it's difficult for authorities to check how long we've been in Spain (as we could have easilly been in Germany.

However, a few things that I have read on prior messages stand out as concerns for me:

- traveling on airlines who ask for proper documentation with travelers who have return tickets to Spain.

- getting checked at border control, if we have too many stamps on our passport from Spain, and not Germany.  Will they likely stamp our passport coming into Madrid, with a residene card from a Schengen area country?

Anyway, thougths on teh above would be very helpful as I dont' want to have a headache with moving to Madrid with our family and then face problems when we are living there - like threat of deportation.  We also have a child due in April and, alhtough I don't see complications for getting a birth certificate, this could also be an issue porentially. 

Again, we have enlisted a lawyer to hellp us out on teh non-lucrative visa issues. 

Thaks all for the help



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Re: American with German Residency Card Living in Spain
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2013, 04:43:44 PM »
You should look into the EU Blue Card. In any case you lawyer will sort it for you.